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    Summer fun in the parade!

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    Come visit us at the office! 392 Courtland Lane

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    Basketball Registration is NOW OPEN! Grades 1-6 Deadline is Oct. 8th







Our Organization:
The PYAA is a private, volunteer, non-profit organization that sponsors many of the sports available to the youth of Pickerington. We receive no funding other than from enrollment fees, fundraisers, sponsorships and concessions. We are a 501(c)3 organization.

Upcoming Events:
OFFICE HOURS: Mon 2-7, Thurs 1-5, Sat 9-noon 
NEXT EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING - May 1st, 7:00pm (normally on first Monday of each month.)
Pickerington School Levy
PYAA is proud to support Pickerington Local Schools and their upcoming levy.  PLSD provides PYAA with valuable court space for several of our programs.  Please consider voting to approve the levy on May 2.  Click here for more details about the levy.  Thank you for your support.

Registration News:
  • Golf Registration is NOW OPEN!! Deadline for registration is May 1st, after which a $25 fee will be assessed. For specific information regarding this sport, please contact Erik Bennett pyaagolf@gmail.com
    • Scramblers Learning League  (Grades 2-4) -$180
    • Players Recreational League (Grades 5-12) -$200
    • Premier Competitive League (Grades 6-12) -$225
**Discount are available for those with a Columbus City Golf Pass**
  • Tennis Registration is NOW OPEN!! Deadline for registration is May 5th, after which a late fee will be assessed. For specific information regarding this sport please contact Barb Hathaway barblhathaway@yahoo.com or visit the "Tennis" page under the Sports Tab above.
    • Boys/Girls Grades 1-3: $60
    • Boys/Girls Grades 4-5: $60
    • Boys/Girls Grades 6-8: $60
    • Boys/Girls Grades 9-12: $60
  • Spring Lacrosse Registration is now CLOSED. Season has started. Contact rudy.touvell@gmail.com for more information about the sport.
    • Boys grades 1-2 - $95
    • Boys grades 3-4 - $147
    • Boys grades 5-6 - $147
    • Girls Grades 2-4 - $142
    • Girls Grades 5-6 - $142
  • Rec Junior League Baseball registration is now either CLOSED or in WAITLIST... with the exception of the 15U League! Program ages are as of 4/30/2017.  Deadline for registration is February 25. Late fees start Feb 26.  If you have questions, please see the JLB website for more information and contact information for each of the leagues.
    • Teeball (ages 4-5) - $110 AT CAPACITY- LEAGUE CLOSED
    • 7U (ages 6-7) - $115 AT CAPACITY - LEAGUE CLOSED
    • 8U (age 8) - $130 NOW IN WAITLIST... late fee applies
    • 10U (ages 9-10) - $130 NOW IN WAITLIST... late fee applies
    • 12U (ages 11-12) - $130 NOW IN WAITLIST... late fee applies
    • 15U (ages 13-15) - $200  *Deadline for this age group is April 15th*
    • Acheiver's League (ages 4-18 for kids with special needs) - $30 *Deadline for this league is April 15th*
  • Travel Junior League Baseball registration is now CLOSED. Season has started.  This registration is for participants that are already accepted into the program.  You must obtain a "Team Code" from your coach to complete your initial registration.  The second payment is due by March 15th.  Click here to make subsequent payments.  Contact Ryan Teal if you have questions.
  • Spring Softball registrations are now in WAITLIST... with the exception of the Gold League !  Deadline for Copper Bronze and Silver is March 16.  Deadline for Gold is March 30.
    • Copper - Grades K,1 - $95 NOW IN WAITLIST late fee applies
    • Bronze - Grades 2-3* - $95 NOW IN WAITLIST late fee applies
    • Silver - Grades 3-6* - $110 NOW IN WAITLIST late fee applies
    • Gold - Grades 6-12 - $110
      • Grade 3 can play-up to Silver if they have experience playing softball
      • Grade 6 can play-up to Gold if they attend evaluation and are approved to play-up.

WAITLIST PROCESSING FOR ALL SPORTS - at any time if the league fills up, registrations will be directed to the Waitlist.  There is no fee to register on the waitlist.  Participants are then contacted first come first served if/when space opens up in a particular league.  If you are on waitlist and notified there is room, we will add you to the active roster upon receiving payment.
Participant Eligibility:
Participants of PYAA must have their primary residence within the boundaries of the Pickerington Local School District.  Home schooled and students of private schooling are welcome in our organization as long as they meet the residency requirement.

Office Phone 614-920-9635
Office Address 392 Courtland Lane
Office Mailing address P.O. Box 32
Email pyaa@sbcglobal.net
No photo albums available